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Adams Smash Repairs is one of the largest and most established Panel Beaters on the Central Coast of NSW.  We repair all types of panel damage and smash repair, ranging from small dings or dents to major panel damage, both insurance and private work.

We guarantee quality workmanship on all jobs, thanks to our highly experienced and qualified smash repairers and panel beating repairers, all of whom are certified technicians and dedicated to providing you with the exceptional value and service you deserve.

Car Crash Repair Experts

In the event of an unfortunate accident we understand that you just want to get back on the road as quickly as possible with the piece of mind that your vehicle has been repaired to the highest standard.

Our team will ensure your vehicle is repaired quickly and efficiently, without compromising on quality and safety, and restored to its original factory specification and standard. We also assist you through the insurance process, meaning you can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

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Panel Beating Services For All Central Coast Vehicles

We are equipped and experienced panel beaters for all kinds of vehicles. We routinely repair the following:

A Complete Repair Process

No one wants to be reminded of an accident, which is why after repairing the physical damage and dents, Adams Smash Repairs can also take care of the paint repair as well.

Further, if your vehicle’s engine or other mechanical aspects have been damaged or compromised, we are equipped and capable to ensure that your car is running as it should.

At Adams Smash Repairs, every aspect of the repair process is taken care of under our roof.

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Panel Beating Service FAQs

This can depend on

  • Vehicle size
  • Vehicle type
  • Damage to the vehicle
  • Other work that needs to be completed

We’ll let you know how long we expect the repair process to take when we assess the vehicle.

Whilst they can’t force you to choose a specific repair shop, they’ll typically have a range of registered partners that they are happy for you to use. 

If you’re unsure where you should take your vehicle, you can either contact your insurer, or check to see if the panel beater is a choice repairer for your specific insurance company.

At Adams Smash, we’re a choice repairer for all major insurance companies. We can even help you with the claims process. 

You can see which insurance companies we work with here.

Adams Smash has a sister company Adams Towing. We can come out to your home or the scene of the accident, and tow it back to our smash repair workshop.

To arrange a tow truck, contact our office.

We sure do! If your vehicle is roadworthy, bring it around to our workshop where one of our estimators will look it over for you and discuss the options available.

That will depend on the assessors verdict. There are a range of factors that must be considered.

Typically, if the structure of the car has been damaged to the point that repair cannot guarantee future safety, the car will be written off. 

Another common reason for writing off a car is when repairs will cost more than what the total value of the car is.

Airbag deployment alone doesn’t result in writing off a car. It will depend on the assessors verdict.

As superior Central Coast panel beaters our expert smash repair team specialise in:

Whether your vehicle has major damages caused by an accident or minor paint scratching, we offer a

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